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Tingewick Road, Buckingham

Tackling local issues

Tingewick Road, Buckingham

Examplehomes PhotoAffordable Housing

The development will provide 140 affordable homes ranging from 1 and 2 bed apartments, to 2, 3 and 4 bed houses. These will be available for intermediate rent and shared equity and will be managed by a local housing association. The mix and range of dwellings will assist in contributing to a balanced community.


Highways and connectivity

Development at Tingewick Road will be accompanied by significant new highway improvements including the new four arm roundabout which has been constructed on the A421.  Site F will be accessed vis a new T junction from Tingewick road.  There will be two new T junctions to access Site G. A detailed transport assessment has been conducted, in partnership with Buckingham County Council, to mitigate the impact of the development and alleviate congestion.

The location of the development has been strongly influenced by the need to consider the traffic flow and the junction spacing. The new roundabout will act as a gateway into Buckingham and will provide an opportunity for improved signage and/or public art.

The development will retain all the current existing rights of way and will be enhanced by further provision of walking and cycle way routes to connect to Buckingham.


Managing water on-site

Rainwater will carefully managed on-site through a Sustainable Urban Drainage System, which will ensure that it flows into neighbouring watercourses and the local drainage network at the same rate that rainwater currently drains from the site. The proposals are designed to take into account the local water table levels, so that these do not impact on the development or neighbouring residents.




At present the land is a fairly poor habitat for wildlife. Our proposals will seek to maintain the few wildlife habitats that exist by protecting the existing green corridors within the site. Our plans will also create new woodland, grassland meadows and species rich hedgerows, with new swales and wetland areas which will provide additional habitat areas for wildlife.

There are some mature trees within the site and most of these will be retained. Where trees have to be removed they will be replaced by new, semi-mature trees. There will be significant new planting and landscaping to help the scheme settle into the natural environment.


Well Photo Heritage - St Rumbolds Well

Our proposals for Tingewick Road will create new landscaping surrounding St Rumbold’s Well, this will protect and enhance its setting as a heritage asset, ensuring there is a permanent landscaped gap between the monument and the built environment. A green gateway will also be provided along Tingewick Road and the built form of Site G will be set back to allow for the view towards Buckingham church to be retained.




Perspective Zoomed

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