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Tingewick Road, Buckingham

Our proposals

Tingewick Road, Buckingham

Barratt David Wilson have put together the detailed proposals for this development working in concert with Buckingham Town Council, local respresentatives and other stakeholders.  We are grateful for the contributions made by residents and their representatives who have helped ensure that the proposals meet local needs and are designed sensitively - ensuring it blends into the character of the area.

The proposal provides up to 400 new homes of which 140 will be shared ownership and social housing in line with council policy. The development will seek to enhance the natural environment and improve the highway network with a new roundabout. 


The proposals included a comprehensive s106 package of improvements for the local community and as a result some £5m will be paid to local authorities. We will be contributing toward improving local public transport services, including sustainable transport. We will also be contributing towards nursery, primary, secondary and special education, ensuring that local schools have the finance they need to integrate new pupils, and improve existing local schools.



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