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Tingewick Road, Buckingham

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Tingewick Road, Buckingham

In March 2020, Barratt David Wilson Homes submitted a new Reserved Matters application (20/00886/APP) seeking to make small amendments to the consented scheme. By making these minor revisions to the approved scheme it is possible to deliver closer to the 400-home allocation without adverse impact. These extra homes are delivered by: Replacing an Alderney house type with a Morseby & Folkestone on plots 55 & 56 Inserting a Tamerton house type bet…

Barratt David Wilson Homes are seeking a reserved matters application for up to 400 homes, including affordable homes, public open space and associated infrastructure at land off Tingewick Road, Buckingham. These sites, which have also been promoted in the Buckingham Neighbourhood Plan as sites F and G, received outline planning permission earlier this year. Barratt David Wilson Homes’ current proposals have been designed to incorporate and retain existin…

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